EVM Tracking Software Solution

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Download and Install ETS?
  • Step1. First uninstall the older application from PC completely. If not uninstalling then go to Control Panel and uninstall EVM Tracking app.
  • Step2. Download the new version from the below given link: http://eciofficers.nic.in/LOGIN/ The usernames are the old usernames used for accessing ETS application. Password are same as username.
  • Step3. Install the msi. For installing you may need your Administrator previlages .
Invalid Login message while Login?
  • If you are getting 'Invalid UserID or Password, Check if UserName is correct. The password should be between 8-10 characters.
  • CEO Password:- can be reset by ECI Admin
  • DEO Password:- can be reset by CEO level user
  • Warehouse Incharge:- can be reset by DEO level user
  • In Above logins, go to Create and update user and click reset login button to reset password. The new password or default password will be displayed after the reset. You can reset the password using ETSWEB too.
Enable Login message coming while Login?
  • If your system is shut down accidently and now while login in ETS, you are getting message "This user is already logged in. Please log out first", then login needs to be Enabled.
  • To Enable Login,
    For Warehouses:(in ETS)-
    Step1. Login with DEO username and password.
    step2. Go to DEO-> Create and update users
    step3. click on Enable login button in front of the concerned warehouse in the grid.
    For DEO: The Enable option is available on ETSWEB CEO login for all users in the state.
Mobile App: OTP not coming?
  • Now, there can be numerous reasons, for not receiving SMS's.First check if the correct mobile no is registered in ETS or not.
  • It might be network provider problem.
  • Incoming messages might be blocked, that can be the reason, uninstall Tru messenger app or any spam filtering app etc.
  • Check device's Date-Time. Delays in receiving messages are sometimes caused due to incorrect datetime setting.
  • Check the SMS centre number (Messaging > ... > settings > SMS centre number).
    If the number is missing or you expect it is incorrect, confirm the number with your operator. If still unable, then try changing other mobile nos.

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